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The Doctors Get To Work.. Saving Lives

The Doctors Get To Work.. Saving Lives
Project Change: Bermuda Volunteers working in conjunction with Feed My Lambs. Dr. Christopher Johsnon, Derrick McLin (OR Tech), Derrick Washington (OR Tech) and Dr Alicia Stovell-Washington (Opthalmological Surgeon), Phillip Rego and Others Including US Rangers.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Was A Young Boy Shot By UN Soldier Today? (Unconfirmed Reports)

* Unconfirmed Report*

Our Medicin Sans Frontiers chopper pilot friends tell us that an 8 year old Haitian boy was shot in the chest twice by a UN soldier today. His alleged crime was stealing food from a UN convoy. He was stable and flown to the DR for medical care. We have no way to confirm this story but we are aware that many UN soldiers are armed with live ammunition. I did pass a UN convoy coming from the north and they were heavily armed with pistols and machine guns. If this story is true, it is an inappropriate show of force. We have not experienced any threats to our volunteers, many of whom have roamed through Port aux Prince, including its tent cities, without security. Our field of view is limited however as we are on the periphery of the city. Many earthquake survivors do relate that they are underfed but I do not sense that they are riotous or on the brink of insurrection. We feel quite sage at the moment though we are vigilant in monitoring the situation. We will keep you informed if this situation should change.
Christopher L. Johnson, MD, MSc, FACS

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