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The Doctors Get To Work.. Saving Lives

The Doctors Get To Work.. Saving Lives
Project Change: Bermuda Volunteers working in conjunction with Feed My Lambs. Dr. Christopher Johsnon, Derrick McLin (OR Tech), Derrick Washington (OR Tech) and Dr Alicia Stovell-Washington (Opthalmological Surgeon), Phillip Rego and Others Including US Rangers.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

The Rangers Arrive...

The US Army Airborne Rangers arrived today today at our clinic in Bon Repos. They will also assist us with supplies, security and transport patients Lieutenant Sowa and his Sargeant are part of a supply network that will make sure that we get additional supplies. KEMH has donated a number of supplies that will reach us via the Cornerstone Ministry Ministry of Bermuda. Our doctors performed 24 surgical procedures today under humid and overcast positions. We recruited an Orthopaedic surgeon from Walla Walla Washington who was instrumental in getting several fractures reduced and treated. His group came without a facility to work with and he was turned down by the major hospitals in Port aux Prince. Luckily for us, we found him at our hotel and gave him a battlefield promotion to run our ortho section. This underscores KEMH's recommendation that volunteers should only come as a member of an organised group with a facility on the ground here. Our KEMH EMT's went into the outlying community and located several patients, some septic with necrotic and purulent wounds. Some have been operated elsewhere but did not receive or participate in followup. One lady came in with an IV that had been placed a few days after the earthquake. Long term and short term followup for these patients must me part of the recovery plan. I am very proud of our Bermuda contingent who have displayed valour, camaraderie, and compassion. We are grateful to the folks back at home in Bermuda and particularly at KEMH who have shown such overwhelming support for what we are trying to do.

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